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Work Completed

  • Fencing has been installed on two sides of the graveyard. The remaining two sides border on the Taunton River and the Municipal Lighting Plant fence. The graveyard has to be secured from vandals before restoration work could start.

  • Gravestone restoration specialists have collected stone fragments and secured the pieces for restoration. Large stone fragments were moved back to the "parent" headstone while smaller pieces were put in plastic bags and buried for safe keeping next to the parent stone. This work was critical to determining which headstones require the most work and prioritizing the actual restoration work plan.

  • 12 problem trees were cut down; over 11 fallen trees were cut and removed from the graveyard; and the entrance to the graveyard was cleared of trees.

  • The assessment of each gravestone has been completed by a professional gravestone restoration company. The assessment report describes needed repairs and provides dollar estimates for doing the work. The restoration company will also prioritize the work according to most immediate need.

  • Fannin-Lehner conservators started the restoration of the gravestones.

  • Monument company up-righted a large Blake obelisk.

  • Designed and installed a Walker-Blake Graveyard sign at the entrance of the graveyard.

  • Installed Electronic Security System

  • Repair of the entire stone wall

Work to Do

  • Restore remaining gravestones

  • General clean-ups

  • Probe graveyard looking for additional buried gravestones

  • Install TV camera security system

  • Design and install graveyard entrance gates

  • Repair the pipe fence around the Blake plots

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