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Taunton's Oldest Gravestone


Elizabeth Walker was born in 1619 and married James Walker, the son of Widow Walker of Rehoboth. Elizabeth died Aug.14, 1678 and her gravestone is the oldest in the City of Taunton. There are people who have an earlier date of death but they do not have markers. Her marker along with others from the seventeenth century are made of a stone called phyllite. These markers have held up well. This marker is 340 years old.  Elizabeth’s parents were William Phillips and Elizabeth Parker. William was one of the first purchasers of Taunton. His name was on the list of those "who had taken up freedom" in 1648.

There is a very interesting article on Elizabeth Walker's life on the Old Colony Historical Museum website by William Hanna.  To see it click here.

Take a close look a the the marker's inscription.  Elizabeth is spelled with a "S".  James is spelled with a "I".  August is spelled with "V".  The Old Latin Alphabet did not have "Z, J or U".  

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