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people buried in the graveyard

The list included here is a compilation based on two earlier works.

The earliest known compilation of the inscriptions of the gravestones was done by Edgar Hodges Reed b. July 3, 1814 d. April 25, 1893. He listed inscriptions on gravestones "previous to 1800". The exact year of the completion of this task is unknown.

In 1972, the second list of inscriptions was created by Mrs. Wendell B. Presbrey and the Daughters of the American Revolution. This list included all gravestones. Gravestones that were read and verified are were indicated by an asterisk. It is not known how gravestones without the asterisk indication were included in the list.

We are certainly indebted to Mr. Reed and Mrs. Presbrey for transcribing the inscriptions from the gravestones many years ago. When a comparison is made between the two lists, we have noted that there are many gravestones that are missing. The gravestones may have been vandalized, removed or stolen. During the course of creating the graveyard map, we took note that sadly additional gravestones are missing from Mrs. Presbrey’s transcription in 1972 to 1995.

The "Map Seq. No." is an arbitrary number assigned to each gravestone on the "Walker-Blake Graveyard Map". Most of the burials have headstones and footstones. The "Map Seq. No." for the footstone is the same as the head stones except the footstone is suffixed with a "F". The "Seq. No." is a number that we used when creating our listing. The "Source No." code indicates either "1" for Mr. Reed’s compilation or "2" for Mrs. Presbrey’s compilation. "Source Seq. No." is the number assigned to the gravestone in the source report either Mr. Reed’s or Mrs. Presbrey’s.



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